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Our most popular patio pairing is with a fire pit and seating wall. You really can’t go wrong by adding these elements to your outdoor living project. These extras are not too terribly expensive, and they provide a whole other function to the space.

You’re entire family will love spending time together roasting s’mores, telling ghost stories and singing around the fire.

Durable & Unique

When the team at Seaside Pavers & Tile install your custom driveway you can rest assured that our meticulous attention to detail will result in a long lasting and durable entry for your home.




A beautiful outdoor living space is quickly replacing the kitchen as the heart of the home. There truly is something serene about spending time with friends and family while enjoying some fresh air. We’re in the business of building more than just patios. We want to be a part of creating an outdoor living space that will bring you and your loved ones memories for years to come.


Fire Pits

If you want to bring some serious “wow factor” to your backyard, a fireplace is for you! We offer a variety of different fireplaces that you can choose from to match your style. You also have the option to include wood storage boxes on the sides of the fireplace. Not only is this functional, it also makes the fireplace look even more bold!

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